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Bonaire eco hikes, mountain bike tours, wind surfing with Frans on Sorobon or... tour with Boy and Mark for snorkeling at Klein bonaire.  Cozy eco holiday activities that you can book with us in your eco tour package including accommodation, or exclusive stay.
An almost untouched nature waits you. Along the cacti and sunbathing iguanas, you will find
  easy your way to the coast. The salt flats in the east show beautiful pink, green and white scenes.  On your way to the salt flats, you will pass the slave houses that tell the history of Bonaire. They can be found along the same east coast.  Further on, waves from a blue sea find their way along the rocks to the island. Along the east coast are beautiful coves where you can relax on a chair, away from the crowds.

Along the
  west coast  - with the sea on one side and the rocks on the other - is a narrow road, which is suitable for walkers. Hikers who enjoy snorkeling can descend half way down the road to one of the natural bays, with beautiful underwater nature.
Do you like carting? then please continue from the west coast to Rincon, on this way you will find a stop at Bonaire sailcarting. High speeds are common here with the wind in the sail. After carting
 you can descend to Rincon, for a visit to the cactus distillery. This is a special moment. You taste real cactus (cadushi liqueur) or calabash liqueur. There are other flavors, but these are distilled on the other Caribbean islands. 
Please feel completely at ease on Bonaire. The locals are very to very service focused and ready to help you.
You can also arrange your stay with us in your package holiday 
We have established good contacts with Paradise Village for reasonable prices, with
 Hill Side Apartments and  Bonaire Eco Lodge.                                    
Bonaire Eco Lodge in the east among the leaf cacti,
  is more for naturists who really want to feel nature and who want some tranquility.  All INCLUSIVE  PACKAGE, all tours, stay and flight
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