Curacao Christopher Tour

Travel to Curacao in the low season from November 8 to 10 of December for a fairly affordable price.

If you want to be active on Curacao, we have an all in package trip with the highlight of climbing the Christoffel mountain, on the west side of the island. In the early morning, before 10 am. The advice is to climb the 372-meter high mountain, with 2 liters of water with you. Later in the day it is almost impossible, because of the heavy sun and too high temperatures. 

You can choose to take an organized tour and bus to the Christoffel Park gate and then climb with a guide. to the mountain top for a nice view. A second option is to book a all in tour including the hop on hop off 5 natural eco bay's  tour and climb the mountain independently, without guidance.

Then a driver will take you to the Christoffelpark gate. After your ascent you can ask the driver to take you to a beach or restaurant nearby. The chauffeur will stay in the taxi and wait on all beaches for you in the aera.