Covidproof stay on Sint Maarten

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You can stay covid-proof in various hotels on Sint Maarten. Sint Maarten has a low infection factor. We can say that the island is almost covid-free. Everyone adheres to the rules and instructions, which means there is more freedom of movement. You can make reservations for restaurants and beaches. We offer to stay in the low cost family hotel Joshua Rose in the center of Philipsburg. You do hear city noises, but you pay between only 100 to 150 euros per night, including breakfast voucher.

Another hotel is Holland House on the Boardwalk for those seeking luxury. Beautiful rooms with a view of the bay, luxury breakfast included with a top restaurant

Sea Palace Hotel is a second alternative if you prefer to stay on the coast, with all the convenience and a beautiful view. Don't forget to book the ECOBoardwalk at all 3 hotels through us. a long scenic walk along the coast with a guide or without a guide. Dear people, you can only book these options with us by email . You cannot book directly due to covid rules that we have to adhere to. Send us an email or fill in the form.