Small sustainable stay Curacao
Small sustainable residence  is on the rise on Curacao.
Many inhabitants of Curacao depend on tourism. Curacao has been hit hard by corona and has to keep up the pants itself. The resident of Curacao is now discovering opportunities to create his own income by renting out his own private residence to tourists. We are happy to support this form of sustainable economy and also offer these accommodations on our website.  
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Apartment Roodeweg is small but nice, with its central location in Otrabanda within walking distance of the central bus stop and supermarket, within walking distance of the center of Willemstad or Punda with shops, within walking distance of the promenade near the sea. From this apartment you can walk to the central bus stop or cross the water via the Emma bridge to take the bus in Punda near Scharloo to Seaquarium or to Seaquariumbeach.