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Chapter A.


A1 Martijn Eco Travel sells eco active and / or stay travel packages including Bonaire, with mountainbike and hike tours. We includes stay travel packages across the border. The specific conditions and arrangements for a holiday that you book with Martijn Eco Travel depend on the type of holiday that you book directly with us and on the conditions of our partner with whom we provide travel package activities.

By booking a trip or travel product at or through Martijn Eco Travel, you agree to the terms and conditions of Martijn Eco Travel. Please read the conditions carefully.

A 2 Our company and location

We mainly work as an OTA, online travel agent and are the booker for you. We provide appropriate travel advice and make the booking for you with the service providers, hotels and activity providers we work with. You can also count on aftercare. We therefore sell our OWN TRAVEL and make a package with the services provided by service providers.

If you prefer personal contact, you can visit us during one of our weekly contact moments in these cities:
Utrecht, Beverwijk, Hilversum and Amsterdam. We also visit you by appointment.

A 3 Our cooperating relationships

When you book a trip or tour with us at one of our relations, you enter into a travel contract with us and / or with one of these relations. The relevant travel organizer or travel product provider is responsible for the correct execution of the travel contract or travel service. Conditions apply to a package travel agreement. For example, the additional terms and conditions of the relevant travel service provider (such as an airline company) naturally also apply to your booking.

If we do not act as your intermediary in your booking, but as your travel organizer, we will state this in advance during the booking and on the booking confirmation. You then enter into a travel agreement with us and we are responsible as a travel organizer. Our terms and conditions apply, as do the additional terms and conditions of the relevant executive travel service provider (s).

A 4 Confidentiality AVG Privacy law

We need your data to take care of your booking. We handle these with great care. We only provide your data to third parties or travel service providers in the context of the performance of services that your trip requires.
A5 Information privacy 

If you make known that your state of health and / or your possible need for medical assistance may influence the execution of the trip, we will pass this information on to the relevant travel service provider (s).

You can let us know if you prefer not to. You can also withdraw a previously granted permission. Martijn Eco Travel is not liable for an inadequate performance of the services because your data is missing.

Martijn Eco Travel is affiliated with GGTO, and thus complies with the legally required warranty. GGTO is a guarantee for a travel organization recognized by the Authority for Consumers and Markets. Here you will find us at GGTO

In the event of financial insolvency, travel organizations from Europe are insured with conditions that fall under European legislation at the same level as the Dutch GTTO.
Foreign tour partners
Conditions of the relevant foreign tour organization apply to the implementation of the trip. If it is a foreign travel organization, we are responsible for the total package. In the event of a calamity, the advice of the foreign government at the location of the calamity is leading and the tour organization and we must adhere to this.



A 7 Your Booking

Mediation and service costs

We charge a fixed amount for our services. We use agency fees for making a booking and also for extra services, such as arranging a visa or a seat reservation.

A 8 Our rates

We work with flexible rates. We do not set a rate for a long season. This means that the travel sum can change per day. Demand for a particular destination and availability influence the price.

A 9 Insurance

Travel and cancellation insurance and rebooking insurance must be taken out. This is your responsibility.

If you become ill or have to cancel the trip for certain reasons, such insurance will be convenient. `because health insurance does not cover enough, travel insurance is also necessary. Hospital visits abroad during your trip and / or if you lose your belongings / robbery are covered by this insurance. In case of calamities, you can rebook your trip within the travel conditions thanks to your rebooking insurance.

Additional insurance may sometimes be a requirement for some trips. You can apply for a European Health Insurance Card from your health insurer.

A 10 Your important information before booking

If you have a physical and / or mental disability that entails risks for yourself or the other travelers, additional limitations, danger and risks (such as passengers and / or crew), you must report this to us before the trip.

A 11 Health restriction

If you are limited in your mobility, please report this to us. We are happy to tell you whether your accommodation is suitable for travelers with limited mobility and find out whether a trip meets your conditions.

A 12 Plaster

If you have a body part in a closed cast, you may only fly if you have a medical certificate that is not older than 7 days before the flight was issued. The plaster in a pressure booth must meet certain conditions. These conditions are stated in your statement. Check with your airline what the conditions are.

A 13 Vaccinations
For vaccinations or vaccinations, you must check this yourself at recognized institutions, whether they are necessary for you at your holiday location.


A 14 Pregnant

Before you book a trip, check with your specialist or doctor whether you are allowed to travel and whether the destination of your choice is not a problem for your pregnancy. You are responsible for this before you book a trip. Always check the conditions with the relevant airline or cruise company for traveling during pregnancy. Conditions differ considerably for air carriers. A statement from the doctor must be up to date. State in your statement whether there is a complication and whether you are expecting more than 1 baby.

A 15 Use of medication

We advise you to take the medicines to be taken or to be taken with you in hand luggage. Some medicines have a medical certificate for certain countries. Ask your general practitioner / specialist or pharmacy about this.

A 16 Your preferences
You can make your preferences known to us during or before you book your trip. Think of the type of bed, type of accommodation, rooms next to each other. We will indicate your preference, but that is never a guarantee. The location ultimately determines, based on availability, how they can solve this for you. An essence for an adapted room for disabled travelers can be submitted.
The travel organization will do its best to accommodate you in this. Costs will be charged for this.

A 17 Transport
Transportation is usually included (pick-up service from airport to accommodation, or pick-up service from a hotel to an activity location). When transportation takes place in any other way, including a train to a hiking location or to the starting point of the trek, this will be clearly stated in the offer. The booking confirmation always states whether or not transport is included in your trip. If transport is not included, transport or a rental car can be booked.

A 18 Passport and visa requirement

You will receive the mandatory passport and visa requirement in the destination country when booking a trip. Obtaining the necessary additional information from authorities about passports and visas and any transit visas are entirely your responsibility. In good time before departure, you should check whether or not the previously obtained information has been changed in the meantime, this is also your responsibility. For all nationalities, you have to contact the authorities of the destination you are going to yourself.

A 19 Visa
A visa is required in some countries such as: China, Russia and Turkey. After your payment of service and visa costs, we can also take care of it for you.


A 20 Name on airline ticket

Your name on your flight ticket must be stated exactly as it is described in your passport. You may be refused boarding an airplane or a bus or a boat if the names do not match

A 21 Minors

Children traveling abroad alone, with one parent or with persons other than the parents (for example grandparents) must be in possession of additional travel documents. This additional information is necessary to demonstrate that persons having custody of the child have consented to this. See central government for how to state this information.

A 22 Application booking

This concerns a booking that may or may not be confirmed by Martijn Eco Travel at a later time. However, the booking is binding when the request is confirmed by Martijn Eco Travel. No other booking can be made between the time of request and any confirmation by the travel organization. The request is considered a normal booking with a valid (purchase) payment procedure.

A 23 Baggage allowance

Automatic luggage placement in the hold is no longer standard. More airlines are choosing to add baggage hold as a paid option to a ticket.

A 24 Payment and cancellation conditions

We apply here the conditions of the travel organization where we book or record your trip, if we book for you with a partner travel organization. They will notify you of the conditions for this. If you book a trip that we organize ourselves (for example trekking / walking tour in the Netherlands), the following conditions apply:

We will notify you in good time of the conditions for cancellations and changes for each booking.

A 25 Service costs for changes or cancellations

In addition to the cancellation or change costs charged by the travel organization or service provider, we charge an amount to realize the change or cancellation.
2. When an agreement is canceled, in addition to any reservation costs owed, the travel organizer will owe cancellation costs (per person) for each traveler:

A25 -b Our cancellation policy:

- Your cancellation up to the 42nd day before departure (exclusive): the down payment of 15% of the travel sum;
- your cancellation from the 42nd day up to the 28th day (inclusive) before the day of departure: 35% of the travel sum;

- your cancellation from the 28th day to the 21st day (inclusive) before the day of departure: 40% of the travel sum;

- your cancellation from the 21st day up to the 14th day (inclusive) before the day of departure: 50% of the travel sum;
- your cancellation from the 14th day up to the 5th day (inclusive) before the day of departure: 75% of the travel sum;
- your cancellation from the 5th day to the day of departure (exclusive): 90% of the travel sum;
- your cancellation on the day of departure or later: 100% of the travel sum



A 26 Travel documents

After confirmation you will receive information about the time / date when and how you will receive all your travel documents.
The travel organizer reports the booking confirmation at what time and how you will receive the travel documents. If you have not received any travel documents 5 working days before departure, you must report this to us immediately.

A 27 Travel days and flight

The travel duration is indicated in whole days, this includes the days you are en route. The flight and flight schedule within a package tour are always subject to change. A departure time that you have received in your confirmation can change.

A 28 At the airport on time for departure

Checking in on time with an airline is your responsibility. It is possible to check in online in advance with a number of airlines. This information can be found on the relevant airline website. Be at the airport on time. If you are going to a European destination, you must be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. For a destination outside Europe, we advise you to be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure.

A 29 Payment methods

Always check whether you have the correct means of payment such as bank card and credit card with pin code for the country you are visiting. Not all countries have pay for socket.

A 30 Seat reservation

With many airlines it is no longer possible to reserve your seat in advance without payment. Arrange for a fee via the website of the relevant airline. The booking code you need for this can be found on your booking confirmation or can be requested from us. If you decide not to reserve seats in advance, there is a chance that your travel group will not be sitting next to or together on the plane.

A 31 Complains

Report a complaint after discovering a miss situation immediately to your accommodation / location / service provider within 24 hours. This, so that a solution can be found quickly. the second step is to report the situation to the travel organizer Martijn Eco Travel within 48 hours (telephone 0636074810)

A 32. Right to Compensation

If you, as a traveler, do not immediately report the shortcoming in the travel agreement on the spot at your stay / location, your right to compensation may (partially) lapse if you report it afterwards.
Is there no tour guide or representative at your location or do you think the complaint is not resolved correctly? Call the emergency number of the travel organization directly from your holiday destination and compile a complaint report together. After you return, you can submit a complaint to the travel organization / service provider via Martijn Eco Travel within 2 months or 4 weeks (other travel service providers).

A 33 Damage and / or loss of luggage 

An airline company and also Martijn Eco Travel are not liable for damage to suitcases or bags, only if the airline has caused this damage by deliberate carelessness. If this is demonstrable, you must immediately submit a declaration to the settlement on site upon arrival, so that a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) can be drawn up. With the PIR you can claim the damage or loss of your luggage with your travel insurance.
Not satisfied with our services? A kind request to contact us. We appreciate it if you give us the space to solve the problem for you.

A 34 Tour guide at destination

 When you arrive you will receive information from the tour guide on site, if you have booked a trip with tour guide at destination.
The contact details of the tour guide are included with your booking confirmation and ticket.
The tour guide usually has fixed visiting hours at your location and / or accommodation. The times for this are stated at your accommodation. or will be announced at your accommodation. If there is an emergency or complaint, you must first contact the tour guide. The tour guide cannot always accompany you to a hospital or to the police for reporting. The tour guide will offer assistance as best as possible.

A 35 Room design

Benefit room
A discount room is generally the same as the standard room. However, the location, layout and / or size may differ. It is also possible that a discount room does not have a balcony or terrace, or is located in an outbuilding.
Family room
A family room can be different per travel organization or accommodation; the family room can consist of 2 separate rooms with one entrance, two adjacent rooms with a connecting door, a maisonette, or one large room.



A 36 Room apartment

A room apartment consists of one living / bedroom and one bedroom. If you want 2 separate bedrooms next to the living room, you can book a 3-room apartment.

A 37 A General accommodation

A 37 B Check in and out
The applicable international rule is that a room is made available between 14:00 and 16:00. Check-out time is between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
On this day and time, the right to any food and drink care will also lapse. Usually you can leave your luggage in a room at your accommodation where you can leave your luggage after check-out until you actually leave.

A 38 A Air conditioning

Whether there is air conditioning in the accommodation can be found when booking. The use of the air conditioning may be subject to certain conditions. Read this carefully.
A 38 B All Inclusive (All In)
An all-in formula can differ per accommodation, destination and travel organization. If you have personal wishes regarding this interpretation, we can analyze them for you at the location and service providers.

A 39 Construction work

The travel organization and Martijn Eco Travel have no influence on construction work, for example in the vicinity of your accommodation.

A 40 Classification Stars

A stay or destination has a star rating. However, it may differ from the tourist category of the accommodation as assigned by the relevant authorities of the country of destination. In doing so, they apply criteria based on local standards and values and facilities.

A 41 Swimming pools

The legal criteria for swimming pools are set for many swimming pools. The information is legible with directions. Follow these directions and do not let your minors or your fellow travelers with disabilities into the pool unaccompanied.

This supervision falls under your full responsibility

A 42 Departure

Departure time return journey
Before you travel back, check at least 24 hours in advance whether your travel time is still correct. Follow the steps found in your travel documents. If you have a tour guide, follow the instructions of this one.



A 43 Departure tax

Airport taxes and surcharges are generally included in the travel price of your flight ticket. In some countries, departure taxes are levied locally. The departure tax must be paid in local currency. Countries that levy departure tax are: Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and many other countries in Asia, Central and South America. The tax is used for maintenance, service and facilities at the airports. You can find these taxes on the website of the relevant airports. Check before departure whether you have to pay departure tax so that you can reserve this amount for your return journey

A 44 Air passenger rights

Have you been denied boarding or a flight has been canceled? You have the right to information and EU airlines must listen to your complaint according to EU law. If you cannot reach a solution together, you can submit a claim at EU claim.


Chapter B*****************
Walking and hiking trips Martijn Eco Travel
B1.a Participant : the natural person who has registered for participation in the activity in a manner approved by Martijn Eco Travel.
b. Agreement: the agreement pertaining to the participation of the participant in the activity, including the services within the applicable package, including transport and picknik and / or dinner.
c. Martijn Eco Travel with which the Participant has entered into an Agreement.
1..2. These general terms and conditions apply to every Agreement.

B. 2 Article 2: Participation

2..1. A Participant under the age of 16 must participate on the day on which an activity is held under the supervision of an adult (minimum 18 years).
2..2. The Participant may only participate in the activity if he has fully and truthfully completed the registration form to this effect, if the registration fee has been paid in full on account number NL61RABO0103053212 and if the Participant has agreed to these general terms and conditions.

2..3. Resale or transfer of the starting ticket for the activity is allowed.
2..4. If the Participant is unable to participate in the activity, the registration fee paid will be refunded under strict conditions.
2..5. Martijn Eco Travel reserves the right at all times to change the stated dates and times of the activity due to special circumstances, in case of force majeure, or to cancel the activity. In these cases, the participant cannot claim compensation for any costs incurred and / or damage suffered as a result.
2..6. If the activity does not go according to the expectations of the participant, the participant is obliged to notify Martijn Eco Travel immediately on the spot. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved on site, the participant can make this known to MartijnEco Travel in writing and with reasons, no later than 14 days after the end of the activity.


B 3 Article 3: Liability

3..1. Participation is at your own risk. The Organizer is not liable for any damage, by whatever name, that the participant may suffer as a result of the participation, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence attributable to Martijn Eco Travel. This exclusion of liability also applies to serious damage types such as all possible damage types as a result of injury or death. Martijn Eco Travel is never liable for indirect damage, including wage costs and medical expenses, lost profit, regardless of the way in which it arose.

3..2. If, despite the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, liability of Martijn Eco Travel for damage of the participant must be assumed, the obligation of Martijn Eco Travel to compensate that damage is limited to a maximum of the amount that the insurer of Martijn Eco Travel pays out in respect of that damage, on the understanding that in the event of lack of cover, the liability of Martijn Eco Travel is limited to a maximum amount of € 5,000 (in words: five thousand euros) per Agreement.

3..3. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage that he or a surviving relative may suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness, caused by his participation in the activity.
3..4. The participant declares that he / she is aware of the fact that participation requires good health in both a psychological and physical sense, and declares that he / she meets this requirement and that he / she has sufficiently prepared for the activity through training and otherwise. Martijn Eco Travel explicitly and urgently advises the participant to undergo a sports medical examination in connection with the participation in the activity.

3..5. The participant indemnifies Martijn Eco Travel against liability for damage that third parties may suffer as a result of an act or omission attributable to a participant with regard to the activity. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such damage.

3..6. Martijn Eco Travel accepts no liability for lost items of clothing or other belongings of Participants. This also applies to items that have been left behind in clothing accommodation (or clothing intake / wardrobe) made available by Martijn Eco Travel.

3..7. The preceding provisions of this article 3 are without prejudice to any liability under mandatory law.

B 4 Article 4: Portrait rights

Any photos, films or other materials or (electronic) files made by or on behalf of Martijn Eco Travel in the context of an activity or the Agreement are the property of Martijn Eco Travel, regardless of whether they are available to the participant or third parties. unless otherwise agreed. The Participant grants permission in advance to Martijn Eco Travel for the publication of photos, videos or other visual material taken during or around the activity, on which the Participant is visible for communication purposes of Martijn Eco Travel (including commercial expressions).


B 5 Article 5: Personal data

The personal data provided by a participant is included in a file by Martijn Eco Travel. By participating in an activity, a participant grants Martijn Eco Travel permission to use the personal data for sending information to the participant, for internal anonymised data analysis and - provided that the participant has explicitly given permission for this on the registration form - for the providing the personal data to third parties for the purpose of sending information to the participant. By entering into the Agreement, the Participant grants Martijn Eco Travel permission to publish his name and competition results, for example by means of publication in newspapers and via the internet.

B 6 Article 6: Regulations

6.1. The participant must follow the instructions of Martijn Eco Travel, or of persons who apparently belong to the organization of Martijn Eco Travel, given the clothing they wear or other external characteristics.
6.3. Martijn Eco Travel is entitled to remove a participant from the Event if he does not comply with the instructions or behaves unsportsmanlike or improperly or if this is considered necessary on the basis of medical considerations or in connection with an orderly course of the activity.

6.4. In all cases not provided for by the regulations, Martijn Eco Travel decides

B 7 Article 7: Disputes

7.1. The Agreement and all legal relationships that may arise between Martijn Eco Travel on the one hand and the participant on the other, are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
7.2. In the event of disputes arising from the Agreement or from legal relationships arising from it, the parties will first enter into consultation in order to resolve this dispute amicably. If the parties fail to do so, a dispute as referred to above will be exclusively settled by the competent court of the place of business of Martijn Eco Travel.

B 8 Rules
Article 1
The activity walking, scooter or cycling activity without competition element.
Article 2
The participant must walk on the trail (s) set out by Martijn Eco Travel.
Article 3
The Road Traffic Act and the legislation based on it, such as the traffic rules and traffic signs regulations, remain in force on the entire route during the activity.


Article 4

The Participant must follow the instructions of Martijn Eco Travel or persons who, in view of the clothing or other external characteristics worn by them, apparently belong to the organization of Martijn Eco Travel.

Article 5

Martijn Eco Travel is entitled to disqualify and / or remove a participant from the walking tour if he does not adhere to these Regulations or behaves unsportsmanlike or improperly or if this is due to medical considerations or in connection with an orderly course of the activity. deemed necessary.

Article 6

It is not allowed to bring pets or other animals and objects such as prams, banners, etc.
Article 7
The participant is expected not to cause damage to the property of others and not to leave waste behind; It is also prohibited to urinate in public.

Article 8
During the activity it is not permitted to express explicitly political, ideological or religious ideas or to make statements that could be experienced as offensive, hurtful or insulting in any way whatsoever.

Article 9
The actual allocation of starting time to a participant is done by Martijn Eco Travel.

Article 10
The Participant must finish at the mentioned time by Martijn Eco Travel
Article 11
Martijn Eco Travel accepts no liability for lost property of Participants.
Article 12
Following the activity in cars, on motorcycles or (moped) bicycles is only possible if one is in possession of an exemption vignette from Martijn Eco Travel.
Article 13
Martijn Eco Travel decides in all cases not covered by these regulations. In case of disagreements and legal procedures, the Dutch Law is mandatory


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