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Aruba Marriott
Aruba belongs to the former Netherlands Antilles, but has been a country with separate status and autonomy for some time now. Aruba is a member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba has many American tourists, but the island has become a bit quieter since the corona pandemic. So is the beautiful Marriott resort that is located on the beach. A great opportunity to celebrate your wedding day in an intimate atmosphere. It is also possible to get married at the resort . Everything is arranged for you. Would you rather say yes on the beach barefoot? That too is possible. You don't need a permit to get married within the resort boundaries on the beach, outside you do.. Put together your wedding package with us. A wedding master will come along, Aruba also has its own wedding planner waiting for you. Of course you can also get married officially at the Civil Registry in the Netherlands before you  confirm it with a ceremony in Aruba. Aruba for weddings, travel and bed and breakfast