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Welcome to the website of Martijn Eco Travel. We offer the most beautiful trips in the most responsible way possible. We think it is important that you enjoy a nice holiday and do our extra best to keep our planet beautiful for the next generation.

Martijn Eco Travel offers trips to various places. For example, we are specialized in eco trips to the Maldives, Spain (Ibiza), Monaco, the Caribbean (Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Aruba) and Mexico. We also offer eco tours in our own country with bed and breakfast in Dinkelland, where we offer sustainable accommodation.

In addition, we offer wedding trips to beautiful wedding locations abroad and you can celebrate your wedding anniversary with us while traveling or with us in Dinkelland.

We are happy to inform you how we offer the trips as ecologically as possible. You can view and book your dream trip with us without feeling guilty. So we have a combination   action of. weddings, travel and bedandbreakfast activities



Ecotourism is sustainable. We want to protect and preserve nature as much as possible. Sustainability is also what Martijn Eco Travel stands for. We seek the balance between offering holidays and preserving nature. You can go on holiday! in addition to preserving our nature.

Sustainable holidays

Sustainability and holidays do not always go hand in hand. Going abroad unnecessarily is ecologically irresponsible. That's right, but people want to go on holiday, so it is better to give advice and help each other to go on holiday responsibly.

We look for eco resorts and eco environments for you, we help you to avoid mass tourism. We use beautiful cycling and walking routes.


CO2 contribution

We ask for a CO2 contribution of 2.50 euros on every plane ticket that we sell within our foreign trips and travel packages. We donate this contribution to an organization that plants trees. This way you contribute to a greener world with your holiday. The great thing about trees and plants is that they use their leaves to stop particulate matter and partly purify the air.

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