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AdventureTour with us through the mysterious jungles deep in the Amazon rainforest and explore the colonial heritage of historicalQuito, experiencing indigenous communities in the highlands of the Andes and connecting with the exotic evolutionary wonders of the Galapagos Islands, this tour allows you to explore four of the best and most diverse destinations in South America.You will find that Quito is a treasure trove of architectural and artistic delights, boasting one of the best preserved colonial centers in South America.Your guide will take you to neo-gothic and baroque churches, green squares, political buildings, lavish palaces and, depending on your taste, you can also visit some of the city's museums or boutiques, or simply stroll through the colonial cobbled streets as you Learn more about the history of this vibrant city.

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We leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind and head to the Galapagos Archipelago, where snorkeling in the area, with sea lions nearby, soaking up the sun next to iguanas and marveling at the natural beauty is just a typical day! We don't get too close to the animals. Located off the coast of Ecuador, this isolated oasis of biodiversity is home to a dizzying array of birds, reptiles and fish. We board the eco boat for a five day trip, which is silent so as not to disturb and stress all marine life.
This boat has a sunroof and features tools to detect saliva from a great distance.
All meals are included on the boat.
All tours start in Quito Ecuador, from where we fly to the Galapagos to take the boat there.
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