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Mexico  Eco Stay and Sustainable Tour
Sandos Caracol eco resort
Mexico Mangrove Tour.jpeg
Visit Mexico and stay in a sunroof eco-resort.
Sandos Caracol offers the exciting All-Nature Experience: a program of daily activities that allow you to experience the magic found in their lush ecosystems.
At their eco-resort, you can snorkel in the clear waters of a natural spring, swim through a mangrove forest, and witness eco-tours through their most stunning outdoor locations. And yes, it's all part of their All Inclusive plan. Get ready... because the adventure awaits. (C. P. Sandos)
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Many eco activities are waiting for you Like a:
-Bicycle tour
-Kayaking tour
-Photo Saphari
-Eco tour through the mangrove jungle
-The Jade River Adventure (Swim through the clear waters of a river that runs between the roots of our mangrove forest.)
-Cenote Explorers (Swim in a natural crystal clear water skinkhole, the entrance to the underworld according to the Maya.)
This is a tour of 14 days, book at least 14 days in advance so that we can arrange everything for you. We offer customized service. Mail us before you pay
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