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The most amazing trip I've ever taken is the boat trip to Little Curacao
Join us and our partners and experience the most beautiful eco tour.
You will be picked up from your hotel, apartment, villa or campsite early in the morning.
You will arrive at the wharf where the boat crew will give some instructions.
The first will be: never go on board with a full/heavy stomach :-).
This instruction is already written for you in your confirmation email.
Our Caribbean Sea has to deal with strong winds in the boarding area.
This makes the trip extra adventurous.
After disembarking you will be transferred by speedboat to the beach where your breakfast will be waiting for you.

On the island there is a beach club with palapas, for those who need to relax after swimming, snorkeling or diving.

- walking tour to the fire
- diving (included)
- helping the crew feed the turtles - paragliding
- last but not least, clean the beach around 4 p.m. before departure and put all beach furniture back in the right place. Get your voucher here 130,-
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